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Neutral Selection Process - Application

If you are selected as a neutral for ADRMediator, Inc. you will be regarded as one of the elite in the industry. Neutrals selected by ADR must meet the highest of standards to continue as a member of our panel. We continue to montitor the successes and maintain a information pool to help our neutrals improve their skills.


Our neutrals have presided in over 50,000 cases. We are the specialist in the industry and would like you to join our family of affliate members. Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by our board for acceptance. If you are accepted you will be notified immediately.


ADRMediator provideds for you complete selection of cases, scheduling and payment in advance of the case. We are the administrative side of the neutral process. We want you to act as neutrals and focus on the case, not the administrative functions.


We welcome you to ADRMediator, Inc.


Selected neutrals can expect the following:

  • Higher Quality of Cases
  • Payment in advance of Service Date
  • Ongoing Training
  • Preference in selection of high level Cases
  • Association with hundreds of affliate offices Nation and World-Wide
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