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ADRMediator, Inc.

For over 30 years ADRMediator, Inc. has been the leader in providing the highest level of professional Mediators / Arbitrators.  The neutrals of ADRMediator, Inc. come from all areas of practice, education, and  experience. Affiliate offices are located world-wide providing the most qualified neutrals in any location.

ADRM's  thorough selection criteria  evaluates neutrals by years of experience, area of specialization, geographic location, education and quality of past cases resolved.   Not all Mediators/Arbitrators are accepted. Our neutrals must continually meet our high standards of excellence to remain on our panel.   Continued education is mandatory within our organization and we continually train our neutrals in new techniques and laws.

ADRM has established a system to aid court coordinators' operational procedures. Thus making the  selection of a Mediator/Arbitrator timely and efficient with little if any administrative requirement from the courts coordinator.

ADRM's panel of  neutrals include such notables, as State and U.S.  Representatives, State and U.S. Senators, judges and many other renowned  professionals.

Our Mediators/Arbitrators have extensive experience representing clients such as:  NASA, OSHA, US Department of Justice Home Land Security, Security Exchange Commission, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, McDonalds, Texas Children's Hospital, US Department of Justice Immigrations, Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA), Wal-Mart, Ebay, Coca Cola, US Postal Service.

ADRM pre-screens and verifies each neutral's certifications, education, documentation and experience prior to including them on our panel.

ADRM only selects the best in the industry. Our quality is unsurpassed.

ADRM  offers an efficient and sensible method of selecting neutrals.  ADRM can search through our data base of our highly skilled Mediators/Arbitrators to select  the neutrals that best the client's specific requests. Parameters include experience, area of specialization,  education, background, hourly rate or any other aspect the client deems important.

All parties are involved in the selection process of the neutral. ADRM narrows the selection to a panel of 5 neutrals that meet the needs of each party. The parties involved then have the opportunity to agree, through a strike and select process, on the final mediator or arbitrator that will assist in their dispute. This initiates the process of working toward cooperation. ADRM makes the selection process easy by utilizing the ability to  choose from virtually any combination of qualification requirements. This  assures selection of a qualified neutrals acceptable to both parties